June 28, 2010

4th of July parade

Madelyn was in a 4th of July parade at Grandma and Grandpa's church Sunday night. We had great music and food, then a parade with all the children and then fireworks. Madelyn was so good while we ate and loved showing off her wagon in the parade. She was not too excited about the fireworks she wanted to watch but hated the noise.
My little miss 4th of July
Loving her new wagon decorations

Ready to go to the parade
So amazed
Happy girlShe was so scared of the fireworks but wanted to watch
Bailing out

Feeding the Ducks

On Sunday we took Madelyn to Star Lake to feed the ducks and she had so much fun!

 dsc_0206 Taking her bread to the ducks

Feeding the ducks So exciteddsc_0251 Checking out the swans with daddy

dsc_0256 She loved all the turtles

Looking at all the fish and turtles

Madelyn was so exhausted when we left.

June 27, 2010

First swim of the year

I took Madelyn to my parent's house to go swimming this week and she loved it.

She loved the water

14 Months

At 14 months Madelyn
has 12 teeth
wears size 3 diapers
wears 12 month clothes
wears size 4 wide shoe (she has the cutest fat feet)
will tolerate wearing hair bows most the time
drinks out of sippy cups like a pro
takes one bottle at bedtime
is now scared of thunder and anything that sounds like thunder (motorcycles, waves, planes)
says mama, daddy, hi ky, ball, dog woof woof, bo (bottle) ba(balloon) walk walk, hi, bye bye, baby, nit nit (night night)
loves bath time and swimming in the pool
yells at Keyser when he gets her toys
sleeps from 8 pm to 8-9 am
has long skinny legs
loves to eat
her favorite foods right now are watermelon strawberries, little caesar's pizza, pickles, cheese and any kind of bread
cant' tolerate regular whole milk so she drinks lactose free whole milk
has become clingy the last week or so
wants to be outside all the time no matter how hot it is
like to dance to music
calls all children baby
loves to have an audience
claps for herself all the time
still won't walk by herself but will walk all day if someone is holding her hand
will run if she has two hands
loves to get presents (she's not spoiled at all)
points and waves at everything
likes to sit on our front porch and wave to all the cars that go by
has so much fun pushing things- her grocery cart, wagon, high chair, boxes, basically anything that she can get to move
is very strong to be so little
is very funny
is such a blessing to have in our family

June 24, 2010

Snack time

My big girl having snack in her chair
Goldfish yummy!
This child loves to eat, I don't know how she is still small because all she does is eat.

June 15, 2010

N.C. Beach trip

We just got back from our beach trip to grandma and papa’s in North Carolina. Madelyn and I rode with my parents all the way to Southern Shores in N.C. It was a very long drive, about 14 hours and Madelyn did not do good at all. Poor baby was still getting over her first double ear infection so that’s probably one reason she was not happy. I wised up and finally turned her car seat around to face the front and she did great on the way home. We were able to make it home in one day and Madelyn was happy the whole ride home. We had so much fun at the beach. We got to help Papa celebrate his 89th birthday while we were there. Madelyn was so scared of the waves but on the last day we were able to play on the beach and she didn't mind the waves anymore. She loved waving to all the seagulls and pelicans and thought the crabs were so funny! Here is some a lot of pictures from our trip.

dsc_0001  To say the car was packed full would be an understatement.

Feeding the seagulls Madelyn was such a Grandma’s girl this trip

 Walking with Grandma. Madelyn started saying walk walk walk as soon as she woke up in the mornings. Checking out the waves

She loved waving to all the fish

Sitting on the sea turtle at the aquarium.dsc_0077 Happy Birthday Papa!

Taking a ride on Aunt Sarah’s shoulders- so much fun!

Being a wild child at dinner

Walking with Grandma and Grandpa

My little beach babe

Smiley girl with her daddy. Spence got to come up for the weekend and Madelyn was so excited to see her daddy after a week without him.Sweet baby with mommy

June 2, 2010

13 Months

At 13 months Madelyn is...
still a happy smiley girl
wearing mostly 12 month clothes
wears size 3 diapers
has taken 5-6 steps by herself but still prefers to crawl
says dog woof woof every morning when she wakes up
has a mouth full of teeth
will pitch a fit every once in a while
is into everything
loves to be outside
has a contagious laugh
daddy's girl
wants to be the center of attention
has finally gotten the hang of sippy cups
takes one bottle at bedtime
eats anything we give her
loves pizza, broccoli, squash, strawberries and watermelon
likes to put things in order
loves to take everything out of the diaper bag
wants to do everything her self
loves to be in her wagon
points to her nose when we ask her where's your nose
loves loves loves Keyser
likes to open and shut doors
tries to play in the toilet
laughs when I tell her no
tries daily to play in Keyser's water bowl
takes one nap a day
sleeps 10-12 hours a night
continues to make us laugh daily
is growing up way too fast!