May 5, 2012

Water girl

Its been so hot outside already so Madelyn has been playing in the water to keep cool.

Yay my pool! 
Oh so relaxing
Here Ky get some water
No don't get in Ky!
Pool buddies!
 Madelyn loved playing outside in the rain with her new raincoat and umbrella from Papa and Great Grandma Dot!
Jumping in the puddles 
 Hot again! Time to bring out the slip n slide!

so much fun
Wild child
and sliding

May 1, 2012

Bye bye jump jump

The Monday after Madelyn's birthday we had to say bye bye to her jump jump. I love renting it from the place we do because you get it from Friday (whenever you go pick it up) until Monday night and it's cheaper than what most places charge for one day. Madelyn loves jump jumps and we all loved having the jump jump Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. When Monday rolled around Madelyn was still wanting to jump all day, so that's just what we did.
one last jump after nap

with frog of course
it was chilly and windy but that didn't stop this girl from jumping
giving her jump jump a hug bye
and a kiss! crazy kid
 A few days after we returned the jump jump Madelyn said "Mommy I'm just so sad" when I asked her why she was sad she said "because I just miss my jump jump so much. I love my jump jump".
Then yesterday she told me she couldn't wait for her next birthday so she could get her jump jump back!  Ha!

The Big Party!

For Madelyn's 3rd birthday party we had a Minnie mouse themed party. We had lots of decorations, food, cake, ice cream and fun! Madelyn had lots of sweet family and friends come to her party. I had planned on taking a picture of Madelyn and each one of her party guests but that didn't happen. I did a really good job of taking pictures right before the party of the decorations and then everyone started showing up and I failed at taking lots of pictures. We had lots of party guests and since I barely got any pictures here is who came to celebrate: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sarah, Uncle B (Brian), Mymy, Pop, Aunt Mary, Uncle Matt, Aubry, Paisley, Uncle B (Brannon), Mama Lou, Daddy Bob, Aunt Angie, cousin Bailey and Raleigh, cousins Terrell, Ashley, Dewey and Carrie, Chere and Burton (Brian's parents), Banner, Jud, Shannon, Cade and Josh, Sara Kate, Lory and Jim, Joey, Mathew, Giaiana, baby Mary Beth, Joe and Elizabeth. I think that's everybody. Madelyn is such a lucky little girl to have so many people help her celebrate her 3rd birthday. 
We had lots of balloons
lots of hand made decorations 
lots of Minnie mouse heads and 3s
Minnie mouse centerpiece
Party girl
Minnie and Mickey jump jump
Madelyn and Bannie jumping with Grandpa
the food table minus the mickey shaped chicken nuggets and pizzas
hand made birthday banner- i really need a silhouette cutting machine! 
more decorations
these girls love to swing
Minnie cake from Edgar's- so yummy!
getting ready to sing
make a wish
Banner and Cade checking out the gifts
Madelyn and Cade
sweet friends
Madelyn and her present openers
sweet friends
Madelyn had lots of help opening her presents
Zoo legos!
playing bakery/ice shop
sweet cousins
Madelyn loves her friends so much!
Raleigh and Bailey jumping

Sweet birthday girl!