May 8, 2013

3 months old

Our sweet boy is three months old. Greyson is such a happy baby. He has found his voice and loves to squeal and "talk". When he does get upset Madelyn will start to sing to him and he stops crying instantly, it's so sweet. He loves to be held and is still a mama's boy. At three months Greyson wears size 2 diapers, size 3 month,3-6 month and some 6 month clothes. He weighs around 12-13 pounds.  

Easter weekend

We did lots of fun things over the Easter weekend. We went to the zoo forgetting that it was good Friday and that there would be a million people there. It was the most crowded I've ever seen the zoo by far.
Feeding the giraffes
Our tour guide studying her map
We ran into cousin Bailey and Angie
Feeding the birds
Madelyn got to feed the giraffes and the birds. Madelyn and Bailey argued about who was the line leader and who was going to be first- they are just a little competitive. We had a great time until it was time to leave and Madelyn pitched a fit so Spencer put her on his shoulders and she flipped out and hammer slammed him in the sides of his head repeatedly.  Good times.
Saturday we went to the country club with Mymy and Pop for lunch and an egg hunt. Madelyn and Greyson got their picture taken with the Easter bunny, Madelyn did the Easter egg hunt, made a craft and decorated cookies.

Ready for the egg hunt
sweet babies

 Easter Sunday we all got up to see what the Easter bunny left. Then to got ready and went to church and then headed to Mymy and Pop's house for lunch with all the family and another egg hunt.

We got an Easter Sunday concert from the big sister
Greyson was not happy about pictures
Ready for the inside egg hunt

the golden egg!
Mama Lou and Greyson
 After all the fun at Mymy and Pop's we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brian.

3 big sisters!