January 28, 2012

Beauty shop and Babies

Madelyn went to Mymy's beauty shop to get her first professional hair cut and get her nails done. She was so sassy in the beauty shop.
getting her nails done

pretty barbie doll pink nails
letting them dry

Madelyn loves playing with all her new babies she got for Christmas. She is such a good little mommy and if her babies get out of line she puts them in time out. It's so funny to hear her say "baby you sit right here in time out for not listening to me." Ha! Guess who else has spent a lot of time in time out for not listening.
She loves her bitty baby Baby Lou so much. She sleeps with her every night. They even have matching pjs which Madelyn thinks is the coolest thing ever. She loves her walking baby that has a puppy dog. She named her baby Suzy. Then we have the baby alive doll that you feed and it poops, its gross and messy but she loves it. She named that baby, Poop baby. Ive tried to give her several different names but Madelyn always calls her poop baby. We were in Target looking at toys the other day and they had a bunch of the Baby Alive dolls at the end of the isle and when Madelyn turned the corner she spotted them and yelled at the top of her lungs "hey mommy look I have one of those poop babies". We got several laughs and several strange stares.  Oh the things my child says!

Cute matching girls

She loves to hold two babies at once
Funny things Little Miss Sassy pants has said lately:
We were playing the other day and she looked at me and said "mommy I need 7 dollars for a whale ride"

I was sending an email and she was talking to me and she grabbed my face and said "mommy do you hear me, are you listening to me, look at me when I'm talking to you". Apparently she is listening to me.

When she was at Mymy and Pop's a couple weeks ago and Mymy needed to go to the store and this is the conversion they had:
Mymy: Madelyn lets run to the store real quick
Madelyn: No I don't want to
Mymy: We won't be gone, we will be right back
Madelyn: No, I might be naughty
Mymy: Well you won't be naughty with Mymy
Madelyn: I better not go sometimes I'm naughty at the store with mommy.
I guess she thought she should warn Mymy about her naughty behavior in the store. At least she's honest.

The King

Over the holidays Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brian took us to The Club to see Elvis or as Madelyn calls him the King of Rock n Roll! We had so much fun. The Club just thought that they were having Elvis for entertainment that night, little did they know a wild 2 1/2 year old would steal the show! There was a wild crowd at The Club and Madelyn fit right in. She loved yelling for Elvis and singing and dancing.
Elvis I'm over here!

Elvis I love you!!
Madelyn loves to dance and she broke out all her dance moves for Elvis.
The Flamingo

Gettin Low!
The fist roll
Throw your hands up
Taking an ice cream break. Yes she is licking her bowl.
 After the ice cream break she was off to the dance floor.
Elvis don't leave I'm coming to dance!
Fist roll with an elbow throw
Dancing Queen
Miss Independent would not dance with any family members
But she went right up to these two complete strangers and danced with them.

This girl would have danced all night long if we had let her.
 Thanks Aunt Sarah and Uncle B for a great night!!

January 26, 2012


a little late. We had such a great Christmas this year.Madelyn really loved picking out and buying presents for others, passing out presents and of course opening all her presents.

We loved zoo light safari!
Madelyn and daddy on the wild tiger
Madelyn has to dance when she hears good music
We got to see Santa Claus several times
Madelyn with her Mymy and Gramdma. Oh this child loves her grandparents
She has these two men wrapped around her little finger
Loving her Jessie and Bullseye pjs
I could eat this child with a spoon!!
Santa Claus on the firetruck
Miss M's new ride
Helping her new baby walk
She loves her horses
The shark from Aunt Sarah and Uncle B. Madelyn was not sure about him at first but now she loves him. Keyser does not love him!
Proud girl riding her horse
Sweet cousins watching a movie with Uncle B
Wild cousins!!
Silly girls
All the cousins
Madelyn loves her truck. She piles all her people in the back and drives like a mad woman