September 22, 2011

She's got it all....

brains, beauty and team spirit! When I went to pick Madelyn up from mother's day out today her teacher starting telling me what all they did today. She said they read books and did some other things and then they all sat at the table and did animal flash cards. She said that some of the kids didn't know any animals but  Madelyn knew every single animal! She is so smart!! This girl knows her animals and what sound they make or phrase they say. If you ask Madelyn what the cow says her response is "mooo and eat more chicken", the tiger says "roar, War Eagle Hey" and sometimes "Go Auburn Go" and the smelly old elephant says "roll tide". Her class did some more flash cards and when her teacher held up the football card all the other children said football and Madelyn yelled "War Eagle!" Ha!  After April (her teacher) finished telling me that we were laughing and Madelyn said "we don't say roll tide we say WAR EAGLE HEY!" That's our girl smart, beautiful, funny and full of team spirit!!

We are headed to another Auburn game this weekend. Hopefully Madelyn can cheer Auburn on to another win!

September 17, 2011

Sweet pictures

One of our sweet neighbors took some pictures of Madelyn for us and I absolutely love them.
I love this one
and this one- she had so much fun on that bridge

this one makes me laugh every time I look at it

Looking for the ducks

I love barefoot babies!

this one is so sweet to me

Madelyn had so much fun playing in the water
We had so much fun during our photo shoot with Chrissie Brown Photography

New Year

for Mother's day out that is. Madelyn is going to the same mother's day out as last year and she has the same teacher. I'm so glad she is in Mrs. April's class again, she loves Mrs. April so much.
MDO 2011

Yes she does have some of her Auburn face sticker still on.

Oh this little girl just melts my heart with that sweet smile!
 And the next picture is from one year ago. The first day of mother's day out 2010. She was such a baby then. I can't believe how much she has grown in a year.

September 14, 2011

Beach Fun

We took a beach trip with our sweet neighbors Shannon and Bannie and we had a wild fun time!
Madelyn and Bannie ready to go swim
Sweet face
Little priss making roads with her bulldozer
Looking for jellyfish

Sweet boy with his mommy
Since we were down at the beach we had to go to the Gulf Coast Zoo. We love that little zoo so much!!
Feeding the fish and ducks
This white tiger gave us a show. He was so beautiful
They had lots of new babies. This sweet baby monkey was trying so hard to hang on
They had new tiger cubs too!
Feeding the goats
Move over Bannie I can't see!
 We tried to do a beach photo shoot with a 2 year old and 3 year old. Ha!
Our little angel
Love this sweet face
Sweet girl with her daddy
Pure joy!
No Bannie- I don't want to hold your hand!
ok maybe
fine I quess I will hand your hand, just come on!
Haha I got you Bannie!
Madelyn I'm coming to get you!
Madelyn loves her Bannie
Oh I love this little girl so much!
Sand seat
loving the beach!
I'm gonna get you daddy!
Run mommy run fast!
My little Baywatch girl!
Running so fast
still running. this girl loves to run!
Ta da!
Ticked off that we were leaving the beach! Ha!