July 18, 2013

Happy 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July despite it raining all day. We went to The Club for a 4th of July party and fireworks. They had a kids area setup with music, bubbles and a jump jump tunnel that Madelyn wanted everyone to go through with her.
Grandma, Madelyn and Papa
Madelyn and her best buddy
Grandpa and Madelyn in the tunnel

little monkey
my girl
ready to go through the tunnel
so fun
daddy and his girl
in the tunnel with daddy

Madelyn with Grandpa and Pop
mama's wild boy

Madelyn loved the fireworks
so did Greyson

Mr. 4th of July

Grandpa can always get a smile out of this girl

Flower girl

Madelyn had the honor of being a flower girl in cousin Dewey and Carrie's wedding. She was so excited and did a great job!

sweet flower girls
Madelyn and Uncle B

Daddy and his flower girl

silly cousins



Daddy and little G

Family photo

July 11, 2013

Little gymnast

Madelyn is taking gymnastics this summer and she is loving it. She picked out her "Auburn" leotard herself. She loves flipping on the bars, walking on the balance beam and jumping on the trampoline into the foam pit.

July 5, 2013

Some things never change...

Madelyn and Keyser looking out the window at 9 months old

Madelyn and Keyser at 4 years old

 Madelyn and Keyser are like two siblings. They love each other so much but they fight too. Keyser is very protective of Madelyn. They love to play and chase each other. They steal each others toys and get annoyed and mad at each other but when they are apart they really miss each other.

5 months old

 At 5 months old Greyson is so happy and too sweet. He's still a mama's boy but loves everyone else too. He loves to flirt with strangers and meet new people. He thinks his sister is so funny and is very interested in Keyser. He rolls over both ways now. He has started turning over to sleep on his side and his stomach at night. Greyson has the sweetest laugh. He likes to play in the exersaucer and jumper. He also likes to play on the pink baby mat and try to kick it over but most of all he likes to be held.


watching cartoons

working hard with daddy

the supervisor

Beach trip

Snoozing at the alligator farm

Madelyn loved holding the baby alligator 

our beach set up minus Greyson's tent

sweetness at the condo