May 9, 2014

Oh boy

This child gets into EVERYTHING! I can't take my eyes off of him for a second.


Escapes through the dog door

several times a day

plays in Kyser's water bowl

climbs everything

May 5, 2014

Camping trip

The kids and I took a camping trip to Helen Georgia with Grandma and Grandpa over spring break. It was cold but we had a good time. Greyson and I shared a bed and he would wake up in the middle of the night and start talking and want to play. I would tell him to lay down and go to sleep and he would give me lots of loud kisses and then lay back down. Oh that boy knows how to melt my heart.
We went to the campground petting farm and Madelyn and Greyson loved all the animals. Madelyn's favorite part of the trip was going to the cabbage patch kids Babyland general hospital where she got her first cabbage patch baby. She had such a hard time choosing between all the different cabbage patch dolls. She finally decided on a baby with blonde hair like mommy and blue eyes like her. She named her Rosie Flower and her birthday that Madelyn chose for her is January 20th.

 Greyson and I had to come back early so I could show houses and Madelyn stayed with Grandma and Grandpa to camp another night.

St. Patrick's Day

My little leprechauns!

Family beach trip

All the family took a trip to the beach to celebrate Mama Lou's birthday. It was cold but we still had so much fun!
We played mini golf with our cousins.

 and we went to Gulf world...

and we had a great birthday dinner with all the family. We stayed at a beautiful resort (thanks to Pop) on the beach and enjoyed waking up to the ocean each morning. Greyson refused to sleep unless one of us slept in his room with him with an arm dangling in his pack n play. Spencer and I didnt get a lot of sleep but we sure had fun. Then we had to come home early because Kyser was at home acting a fool! Good times and good memories!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

yummy bouquet Madelyn and I made for Daddy

this was the best out of 20 pictures
Greyson was over taking pictures!
oh my sweet handsome boy

sweet sister

First hair cut

Greyson's hair was getting so long and I was afraid if I took him somewhere to get it cut he would flip out so I cut it myself. I put him in the hair chair, gave him his first sucker and started cutting.
Long haired boy 
Did she really just give me this sucker?!

Handsome boy!

I might have cut it a little short and Spencer may or may not have called him Lloyd (from dumb and dumber) for two weeks after I cut it.