April 26, 2012

April 20th 2012...

was Madelyn's 3rd birthday. We woke up and Madelyn got to open some presents, daddy cooked eggs (he makes the best eggs) and we played for a bit.

new zoo animals!
 After we played for a bit we got ready and headed to the zoo with Grandma and Mymy.
riding the carousal with daddy
waving to Mymy and Grandma
little monkey checking out the monkeys

 Madelyn was upset because the flamingo food dispenser was missing.
but somehow we got a private sea lion show and it was great so I think that made up for the missing flamingo food.
Madelyn loved all their tricks 
 After the zoo Spencer went to pick up the jump jump for the weekend and Madelyn and I went home to nap. Well Madelyn napped and I cleaned for the party on Saturday. When Madelyn woke up we had the jump jump blown up for her.
riding her bike to see her surprise outside
Yay! A jump jump!!!
Happy girl!
Madelyn loved her jump jump
so much fun!
Jumping with her best buddy!
Happy Birthday to you!
Opening a few more presents. So spoiled!!
 Madelyn had a great birthday on Friday. She loved having Grandma, Mymy, mommy and daddy at the zoo with her, opening all her presents and playing in her jump jump. She stayed up way past her bedtime but that was ok because she slept in Saturday morning which made setting up for her party a little easier.

April 24, 2012

3 years old

I can't believe my baby is 3! She has gone from baby to big girl overnight. Madelyn is pure sugar and spice. She has the sweetest caring little heart, she is so kind to others and it really upsets her when she sees other people sad or hurt. If she hears a baby crying she gets very concerned and wants to help. She loves to give hugs and kisses. She also has that little spice in her personality. The past year we have butted heads a lot because she is just as stubborn and hardheaded as I am. As crazy as it makes me that she just will not give in sometimes, it makes me happy to know that when it really is important to her she won't give up.
She is very very independent. She is always telling me "I can do it myself I don't need help or I'm big I can do it". She likes to do what she wants and marches to the beat of her own drum. She likes to be the boss and tell everyone what to do. Madelyn loves telling Kyser what he needs to be doing or where he needs to be. She loves playing mommy to her babies and animals. She has a huge imagination that just runs wild, it is so fun to watch and listen to her play.
Madelyn loves to dance and sing and put on a show. She makes up the funniest little songs and sings so loud. The other day she was swinging and making up a song and I was putting mulch in the flower bed, I bent over and I hear her song change to "and I see mommy's big fat tooshie"! Oh the things she will sing about. She loves going to music class every Wednesday. She sings, plays instruments, dances and loves helping Miss Jill put things away. She goes to Mother's day out most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-1:30. Most days she cries and tells me she doesn't want to go because she just wants to stay with me (breaks my heart) but then when I go to pick her up she never wants to leave. She loves playing with other children, especially her Bannerman. She is still an outside girl, I think she would sleep outside if we let her but she loves girly girl things too. She loves her hairbows, cute outfits, jewelry, purses and shoes. This child loves to go shoe shopping. She loves Disney movies and princesses and can sing like Ariel. Her favorite thing of all is animals. She loves to play in the front yard to watch for people walking their dogs so she can ask their mommy or daddy if she can pet them. She loves the horses that live behind Mymy and Pop's house, she thinks they are hers. The zoo is one of her favorite places to go. She has the little people zoo and is obsessed with all the little animals that go with it. We have to look on the computer at least once a day to look at the animals.

At 3 years old Madelyn weights 32 pounds (25 %) and is 36 1/2 inches tall (25%). She is so tall and skinny and loves to eat. She wears mostly 3t clothes, some of her summer clothes are 4t and they are all too big but you can't really tell with dresses. She has some 24 month and 2t clothes she is still wearing from last year. She wears 2t or 3t bathing suits because her tooshie is so little. She wears size 8 shoes right now.
  She is such a little helper, she always wants to help everyone. Madelyn is very smart and talks like she is 8 years old. She loves to learn new things and go to new places. She is so busy, into everything and fearless.
Her sweet smile can still light up a room and the sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes melts my heart everyday. Madelyn continues to amaze her daddy and I daily and we are so very proud of her.

April 21, 2012

Birthday Girl

3 years ago the tiniest most beautiful baby girl was placed in my arms.
 Today I've had this big girl in my arms
Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet Madelyn Louella! You have brought so much love, laughter and joy to our family in the past three years.

April 20, 2012


Getting a pep talk from daddy before the Easter egg hunt at the country club.
and she's off
so many eggs
Easter Bunny
dying eggs at Mymy and Pop's
sweet cousins
the Easter bunny did good
a new zoo animal!
a mingo (aka a flamingo)
Beautiful girls
Madelyn's dress was gorgeous! 

Mymy and Madelyn
Mymy with her girls
mommy and Madelyn
all the girls
Mama Lou and Madelyn
Grandma, Grandpa and Madelyn
Aunt Sarah and silly Madelyn
Easter lunch
Madelyn loves this horse
Getting ready for another Easter egg hunt
Look mommy a blue egg!
Daddy and his girl
 We had a great Easter weekend with all the family.

April 18, 2012

Photo Shoot

We had a little photo shoot at the house a few weeks ago to try to get a picture for Madelyn's b'day invitation. I don't know how photographers do it, taking pictures of kids is hard!
pretty blue eyes


Silly girl
I'm done mommy!!