August 23, 2013

Cousin sleepover

We had a cousins sleepover and the cousins had so much fun.
Madelyn and Paisley putting on a pillowcase. Wish I had a video of this because it was too funny

Madelyn was so excited to have her cousins spend the night

Crazy girls
The next day Grandma came to watch Greyson so Spencer and I could take the girls to the waterpark. We had so much fun.
ready for the sea lion show

say cheese

August 22, 2013


Greyson has started eating baby food. He is still not real sure about it yet.
so excited to sit in the highchair

1/2 birthday party

We had a 6 month birthday party for Greyson. Madelyn loves a party and was so excited about the 1/2 birthday party. Madelyn and I made a cake and everyone got presents.
Calling somebody important 
little baker girl
present time!
even Ky got a present 

 Madelyn now thinks that everybody should have a monthly birthday party!

6 months old

 At 6 months old Greyson is sweeter than ever. He's still a smiling happy mama's boy. He loves to get on the floor and roll across the room to get things. He thinks his sister is so funny and loves to grab her hair. Greyson is still a great sleeper at night but doesn't nap long during the day unless I'm holding him.
Greyson is getting so big! He's wearing 9 month sleepers and has outgrown most of his 6 month clothes and is moving into all 9 month clothes.