August 31, 2011

Big Fish

Grandpa and Grandma took Madelyn Spencer and I over to the Georgia Aquarium to see the "big fish" and Madelyn loved it. She was so excited to see all the fish.
In the tunnel

big fish
Look! WOW!!
Madelyn said "oh wow" all day!
Going down the fish slide
Madelyn with two of her favorite guys!
 We had so much fun. I'm so glad that Madelyn loves to go to all different kinds of places and always enjoys whatever we are doing. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for taking us!! Madelyn is ready to go back to see the Big fish again!

Oh we have a cat now too! He's extremely large but very easy to take care of and Madelyn loves him.

He's 6 feet long, stays where I put him, doesn't eat a lot (unless you count the food Madelyn tries to feed him at lunch- yes sometimes we eat lunch with him in the playroom) no vet bills and I don't have to clean up after him!! The only complaint so far has been from Keyser, he really does not like that kitty moves his big head around. Keyser and Kitty are getting along better now though.
 Everyone that comes over has to see Madelyn's cat and pet him and see his big orange eyes.
Thanks Mymy for our sweet kitty, Madelyn loves him so much!!

August 8, 2011

Where did our summer go?

Our summer isn't over yet but it's getting close. We have had so much fun this summer. Madelyn is at the funniest age and a very sassy age. We have been going to the water park a lot, playing on the slip n slide and running through the sprinklers trying to keep cool.
It rained a lot for a few weeks and Kyser and Madelyn would stand at the windows and just look out. Now it's just hot, too hot!

Madelyn loved playing in the rain. She played and stomped in puddles and just squealed like a little pig.

Madelyn loves to take her baths every night. She splashes and swims and just has so much fun.
My sweet little crab! Two has been hard for Madelyn and mommy but this sweet little face gets me through even our horrible days.
Watching Barney with her best bud. She is obsessed with Barney and only Barney. I had to take this picture because she never sits and watches tv, Barney has to be on at all times but she doesn't really sit and watch tv. This day she was having her snack with all her babies, laying with Ky and watched Barney for over 20 minutes. I did not think she could stay still that long, of course she had just woken up from her nap and was still in a daze.
 Madelyn loves to boss Keyser around. She thinks she needs to hold on to his collar all the time and tell him where to go.
This is what happens when she doesn't let go, she gets dragged along!