February 24, 2011

Cowboy Day

Last Saturday we went with Mymy, Mama Lou and Mrs. Elease to cowboy day in Columbia. Madelyn had the best time. She loved everything, she walked around forever and did not want to leave.
Madelyn loved all the horses and the cowboys that threw candy. But she was very concerned that the horses kept having accidents on the street. I guess she thought horses were potty trained like her.
Watching the parade
Cousin Bailey and Ra Ra were there too. I love the look on Madelyn's face. Mymy had just taken her bag of peanuts.
There were soo many dogs there and we had to stop and ask their mommies and daddies if we could pet them. She really liked this tiny puppy, she played with him forever.
After lunch we walked to all the rides and other fun things they had to do.
Madelyn got to go on her very first pony ride and she loved it. She just smiled and waved the whole ride.
They had a great country band so you know my little dancing queen had to get on the dance floor and show off her moves to the older folks that were dancing.
Madelyn spotted the climbing hay rolls and could not resist.
Little did I know I was climbing up too
and sliding down the other side, not once but twice!

Madelyn has so much fun that when it was time to leave she threw herself down in the dirt and hay and screamed and kicked. Oh what a child and she's all mine!!


Not us, not anytime soon anyway. Spencer and I did however go look at a house at the first of the year. It was just too good for us not to check out, it was in a great neighborhood, on acres of land, lots of rooms, a pool, a guest house and the should be very expensive house was in our price range. Well the house was on top of a mountain, all that great land was down the side of the mountain. The house was turned weird so you had to walk halfway down the mountain driveway to get to the front door or your guests could just walk through the 4 car garage. The space was amazing and open and there were so many rooms, which we would love. The big problem was the foundation, the guest looked like it could soon fall off the mountain, the concrete around the pool was sunken in and the hardwood in the kitchen eating area was falling in. So there were lots of reasons why this house was so cheap.
Anyways, looking at the house got me thinking. Our house is not perfect. It needs to be painted on the outside and the kitchen and living room desperately need to be painted. Spencer hates the hardwood in the livingroom and the carpet in the dinning room. Our jacuzzi tub leaks so the face of it had been off for over two years now. (hint hint Spencer please fix it so our bathroom doesn't look awful anymore) We still have not replaced the shoe molding that got ripped up when we tiled the kitchen and bathrooms. We don't have a guest room anymore because it has been turned into a playroom/ my office/ craft room. If we have another child it will have to sleep with Keyser. And no we don't have acres of land, that's just a dream.
But I love this house. It's the house that I moved into as a newlywed.
It's the house that sweet Otis had to learn to share the bed with someone other than me.
It's the house that we brought this sweet little puppy home to
And where these two developed their on going love hate relationship
It's the house that we built the fence for the backyard

It's the house we celebrated our first Christmas as a family in
It's the house that I told Spencer we were going to have a baby in
It's the house that I wanted to kick my sweet husband out of on several occasions when I was being a crazy hormonal pregnant woman.
It's the house that my husband has learned to do so many great things. Like running power, phone and internet out to the garage so he could finish off the second floor and turned it into his office/man room. Yes since we had a baby on the way he got booted out.
It's the house that we brought this beautiful little angel home to.
It's the house I had my first Mother's day in
It's in this house that this tiny little angel has completely changed our lives
It's in this house that the awful dog that I threatened to get rid of several times when I was a crazy prego, turned into a wonderful protective dog who is now Madelyn's best bud
It's in this house that we have had lots of firsts. First roll over, first crawl, first steps and first birthday.
It was in this house that Madelyn got her first kiss from this little sweetie
It's the house that we have met great neighbors at. The kind of neighbors that have great kids all around the same age and who all get along and play together. Neighbors that love our child like their own and know that we would claim theirs as our own.

This is the house that we will have Madelyn's 2nd birthday at in just 2 months.
 It's the house that we have made so many precious memories in and will continue to make special memories. It's the house that when we finally do move one day it will be hard to leave. Not only is it the house that is bright and sparkly at Christmas time, it's the house that sparkles in my eyes all the time from all the love and memories that have been shared to make this house our wonderful HOME that we love so much.

February 15, 2011

Who is your Valentine

Well on Sunday if you asked Madelyn who her valentine was she said daddy. Monday morning sweet Banner brought Madelyn her V-day present. It was the cutest stuffed giraffe and some little people cars (he said he knew that she would love them because they were pink). Madelyn and Banner played all morning. When Spence came in for lunch he asked Madelyn who her valentine was and she said "Bannie" and every time after that when he asked her she would say Bannie! She loves that little boy so much.

These two love to swing. They are so funny they will start singing and it's usually not the same song.
Swinging on the big swing
Madelyn had an impromptu dance party

Still dancing
By nap time Madelyn was worn out but she insisted that her new giraffe from Bannie take a nap with her and rog. I was very surprised because Madelyn only sleeps with Rog the frog but she said she needed to night night with giraffe.
Rog is sandwiched between her and giraffe
After nap we had a snack, did some laundry and headed back outside. We are loving this great weather! Madelyn decided she wanted to go on a wagon ride.
So we loaded up the wagon, went to pick up her valentine (Bannie) and he decided he wanted to take Madelyn to the wall. The wall is the stone wall that is at the end of our street. At first Madelyn looked at the wall and was not very impressed but Bannie got her out of the wagon and she had so much fun. They would run to the top of the little hill and then scoot down on their hineys or walk down the wall. We got to see a black lab puppy and Madelyn was so excited. She kept loving on the puppy and hugging on him. He was so sweet with her just like Keyser just a lot smaller and wild. I can definitely see that Keyser has calmed down because this puppy reminded me of how wild and out of control he used to be. The kids and mommies had so much fun playing on the wall. What a great Valentine's Day!!

February 13, 2011


We got a little snow this past week, not a lot but enough to make everything look pretty and enough to play in the next day.

Keyser had so much fun chasing the snow as it fell.

My handsome boy
Madelyn loved the snow this year.

She really liked throwing the snow up and watching Ky catch it

Valentine Party

On Saturday Madelyn was invited to a Valentine Party at Sara Kate's house. Madelyn had so much fun playing with all her little friends, eating cupcakes and exchanging valentines.

Madelyn had to eat her cupcake outside with her buddy Banner

The kids had fun climbing down a hill

Banner (we joke that he is her future husband, so just in case they do end up getting married I have to include pictures of their first Valentine's day party together)

Deciding what to do next, play in the dirt with the boys, pick flowers with the girls or push the baby stroller around the garage 100 times. She did a little of it all.
After the party we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to help Grandpa build a swing set for Madelyn.
Daddy and Grandpa working hard
After working hard, Madelyn had a dance party inside.
Spinning with Grandpa

Dancing queen

Girlfriend has some moves.