October 30, 2010

Our Pumpkin

 Scooping out our pumpkin.Madelyn was not real thrilled about this, she thought we were hurting her pumpkin.
 Daddy craving our pumpkin
 Saying cheese with her pumpkin
Giving her pumpkin a kiss
and a hug because every pumpkin needs a hug and a kiss.
Our meow pumpkin as Madelyn calls it. She was very upset when I blew the candle out. She probably would have slept with this pumpkin if we had let her.

October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

 Last Friday we took Madelyn to the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton and we had so much fun.
Hold the picture! I think my hair bow is messed up!
 They had  a lot of things to do there. Madelyn loved the little petting zoo.
 She really loved these adorable little miniature pigs, almost as much as I did. They were so sweet, I told Spencer I want one!
 Going to check out the tee pees.
On the wagon ready to go find the perfect pumpkin.
 Daddy pointing out all the cool things along the trail to the pumpkin patch.
 Come on daddy we have a pumpkin to find!
 Getting a piggy back ride from mommy. All that walking to check out every pumpkin will wear a girl out
Running through the hay maze
Our perfect little pumpkin!
Where's Madelyn?
Oh there she is! She loves wearing her pumpkin basket as a hat.

We had such a good time at the pumpkin patch we will definitely be going back next year.

October 28, 2010

Football, friends and fun

 We have been so busy lately. The days just fly by and I can not believe it's only a couple of days until Halloween.
 We have been cheering on our Auburn Tigers every weekend. War Eagle!!
 We took a quick trip to the beach with our friends Stuart and Aleia. I didn't take very many pictures, I guess we were having too much fun. Madelyn loved seeing Stuart and Aleia and was so upset when they had to leave the day before we did. To get her in a better mood I decided to take her to the little zoo in Gulf Shores that we love so much. I bought some zoo puffs so she could feed all the different animals and all she wanted to do was feed the fish. She did not care about any of the animal she just kept saying fish fish. It was a nice little beach trip to get away with friends.
We helped sweet Alyssa celebrate her 1st birthday. Madelyn loves Alyssa and always wants to hug (and not let go)and kiss on her.
Alyssa's super talented mom made this fun cutout for the kids to stick their heads in and take pictures.
We have been loving our zoo membership. We took a quick trip to the zoo last week and Madelyn had so much fun. She was very interested in the barnyard animals and of course all the meows in the cat house. Hopefully she wont go to kindergarten thinking cats are called meows.
We have been playing outside a lot lately. As soon as Madelyn finishes breakfast she is ready to go outside and play. She loves pushing her baby stroller around the yard and around the neighborhood.
She also loves to put her halloween bucket on her head and run through the house yelling. It is quite a sight to see!

October 23, 2010

18 Months

I can not believe my sweet baby girl is a year and a half old. She is such a big girl all of the sudden.
At 18 months Madelyn...
is walking really running everywhere
weighs 22 lbs 11 oz. (25%)
 is 32 1/2 inches tall (75%)
wearing size 5 shoes
wearing size 4 diapers
wearing 12-18 month clothes
sleeps from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am
her hair is finally starting to thicken up
talks alot
loves to wave bye bye to people
loves to be outside (if we are not running errands, eating or sleeping we are outside)
is obsessed with planes and trains
tries to feed Keyser at least 5 times a day
is very interested in the potty
loves to swing at the neighbors house
likes to take walks around the neighborhood and check out people's yards and front porches
likes to open drawers and empty them
has started to stand up for herself with other children
has started to put words together (she said "I want cheese" today)
still adores Keyser
likes to color
loves to read books but can't sit still long enough to get through one
is so sassy and prissy
loves loves loves shoes
likes to climb on things
does not like to brush her teeth
is still a daddy's girl
stands in the kitchen repeating eat eat eat over and over every morning while I cook her breakfast
yells at Keyser for stealing her toys
will tell Keyser sorry if told to but will not say sorry to anyone else
likes to pretend vacuum
loves to just play

We stay busy all day long. From the time Madelyn wakes up until the time she goes to sleep she is full of energy. Madelyn makes us laugh and is so funny to just watch. We have so much fun with this sweet girl!

Potty Time

That's right Madelyn has a pink princess potty! Lately she has been going to the big potty and saying tee-tee tee-tee so I thought just for fun I would get her a little potty of her own. I really did not think she would use it, I mean she was not even 18 months old yet. Well she has used it THREE TIMES! I'm not sure if I want to tackle potty training yet. I haven't really even thought about it,  I just always assumed we would start thinking about  potty training around two. Now I don't know what to do because she's so young but very interested and I know nothing about potty training. I guess I better get all my parenting books out and start reading.

October 4, 2010

Fall is here

and Madelyn is loving it. She loves all the leaves that have fallen and the cooler weather.
Jumping in the leaves with Keyser
She thought it was so funny to rake the leaves towards Keyser

Gathering acorns at Grandma and Grandpa's