June 22, 2009

First professional pictures

Spencer and I took Madelyn to Portrait Innovations last Friday for her first professional pictures. She did so good. She was asleep when we got there so we have some precious sleeping baby pictures. The photographer was really good and got lots of great pictures, some serious faces and some smiling faces- all of them are beautiful. We had such a hard time deciding which pictures we liked best- next time we will definitely take somebody else with us to help decide. Here are a few that we got.

June 19, 2009

2 months old

Madelyn has been here 2 months already! She has grown so much since her 1 month picture that I took. She will now take a paci but not just any paci- just the huge green one that covers half her face. She also loves to sit in her boppy next to someone on the couch.

June 14, 2009

We have been so busy in May and June. May 30th was my parent's 40th anniversary. We had a big party for them which they really enjoyed. June 1st was Spencer's 28th Birthday. I wasnt ready to take Madelyn out to dinner so we went to his parents house for his b'day dinner. We had a wonderful steak dinner prepared by Uncle Dave and cousin Ashley.
Madelyn has grow so much lately. At her last doctor's appointment she weighed 9 lbs 7 0z. She got her first set of vaccines (4 shots) which she was not happy about but only cried for about 30 seconds. Spencer and I were very proud of her. I have been trying to get her on a schedule but that has been easier said than done. We have bath time every night at 9 pm. I'm not sure if she likes her bath or if she's just scared (she always has a scared look on her face but doesnt cry). That's the only part of her schedule that stays the same, everything else seems to be up to Madelyn. Hopefully we can be on a better schedule soon.
Madelyn has had lots of first in the past few weeks. She had her first trip shopping, her daddy dragged us to Best Buy to get his B'day present for the next several years- a big screen HD TV. Madelyn and her daddy love the new TV. She put on a swimsuit for the first time. I think she feels like me about wearing a swimsuit- not exactly thrilled about it. She went to her grandparents pool for the first time. She does not like the pool yet. It was too hot for her so I dipped her feet in the pool and she started screaming. Hopefully next year she will feel different about swimming. Madelyn has been smiling at everybody lately. She has also become alot more vocal too. It's hard to believe she's almost 2 months old.

Madelyn sleeping in her bassinet- she hasnt slept in her crib yet. I like having her right next to me knowing that she's OK. Spencer says that she has to sleep in her room starting tomorrow but we will have to see if I can do that.