May 30, 2011

Nine months

 In August I sent my sweet baby girl to mother's day out one day a week
Madelyn's first day at mother's day out
Nine months later I picked up a big girl from her last day of mother's day out
Madelyn's last day of mother's day out.
 It absolutely amazes me how much she has grown and changed in just nine months. She looks like such a baby in her first day picture. I can't believe I let me baby go to mother's day out! She started MDO in diapers and ended the year in big girl panties and talking up a storm all day long. In August I would drop her off and should would cry forever and when I came back to get her she would be asleep (exhausted from crying so much) or crying with her paci and Rog the frog. When I picked her up on the last day I had to drag her out kicking and screaming because she did not want to leave. She made such sweet friends that she talks about a lot and had a wonderful teacher who she adores. She keeps saying she wants to go back to Mrs. April's house ( Madelyn thinks that the church she goes to MDO is her teacher's house). Not until August baby girl.
I can't even imagine how much she will change in the next nine months.

Animal Kingdom

On our last park day we went to the Animal Kingdom. It rained for a bit but that didn't stop us.

So excited to see all the birds flying around!
Madelyn thought this gorilla was so funny
 One of my favorite rides was the jeep safari ride. We all got in this huge jeep and drove around to see a lot of different animals. We got to get up close to a lot of the animals which was really cool. The ride was rough since we were in the back and Madelyn was not happy at first. After we started see animals and saying "bump bump bump" she was good.

so close to this giraffe
Madelyn said "that's mymy's Roll tide" when we saw this guy.
Looking for animals
Two of Mymy's favorites, her babies and elephants!
Rafiki is so funny!
Giving kisses again- what are we going to do with this child!
Madelyn thought that Pocahontas was just a regular person not a character dressed up
 After we looked around the little museum we went outside to the petting farm. After giving some of the animals love we went to eat and then watched another parade.
 Spencer, Matt, Daddy Bob and I all rode the Mt. Everest roller coaster which was so much fun. Of course I don't have any pictures of that either. After some shopping it was time to make our way back home.
I don't know who's happier.
 We all went back to the resort and then Spencer and I went to downtown Disney to do some shopping. I should have done all my shopping there because they had the best stuff. The next day we all packed up to head back home. We had such a great time on our trip to Disney. I'm so glad that Madelyn was able to go to Disney with Mama Lou, Daddy Bob, Mymy, Pop Pop, her cousins and the rest of us. Thanks Mymy and Pop Pop for taking us on an amazing adventure that we will always remember!

Magic Kindgom day 2

We decided to spend two days at the Magic kingdom since there was so much to see and do. On day two we got to meet Pluto as soon as we walked in.

Hugs for Pluto

 After meeting Pluto we were told that Mickey was inside a building, so we rushed over to wait in line to see Mickey! To our surprise there was no line or wait. We all got taken back to a room and the doors opened and there was Mickey AND Minnie! Madelyn was so excited she screamed Minnie as she ran over to her. It was so nice that the girls got to spend a lot of time with Mickey and Minnie in a private room. Madelyn was in heaven seeing Mickey and Minnie just made her whole trip. She loved every second of her Minnie and Mickey time.
Oh Minnie I just love you!!
Mickey I love you too!
Madelyn would have sat in Minnie's lap all day.
 After seeing Minnie and Mickey Madelyn had to get a Minnie doll and then we headed to watch a parade.
Mommy get out of the picture, it's just Minnie and me!
I'm not letting go of my Minnie!
Mymy and Pop Pop with the girls. Nice smile Madelyn!
Oh there is my Minnie again in the parade!
 After the parade we did some shopping and Spencer, Matt and I got in line to ride a big kid ride. I had forgotten how much I love roller coasters! One of Madelyn's favorite rides was the Buzz lightyear ride and I left my camera in the stroller with Mymy. She loved that ride so much and so did Spencer and I. After Buzz we went to watch the light parade and fireworks show, which was great.
Her Buzz lazer
This girl loves parades and fireworks
 After the fireworks were grabbed something to eat and headed back for the night. The next day we were going to see animals!

May 29, 2011

Disney trip Magic Kingdom

On our second day were headed to the Magic Kingdom.
On our way to the park, so excited!
Cute outfit Paisley! If I must say so myself
I made all three girls matching outfits and they turned out so cute but I don't have a picture of all three together
Magic Kingdom
Madelyn was tried of taking pictures all ready
The crew is all here
 We got to meet Goofy! Madelyn loved all the characters. There was a train going by above us so in all the pictures Madelyn is pointing saying look Goofy look a train.
Getting sleepy
Spencer and Mary with their babies
 We didn't go back to take naps the first day out so Madelyn slept while we waited in line and then woke up for the rides. She loved the small world ride.
Silly girl
Singing and dancing
Hugs for Aubry
Parade time
Madelyn and Aubry waved the whole parade
Taking a nap in the Dumbo line
Flying high in the sky
We loved the safari boat ride
Oh wow daddy!
Happy girls
Meeting Buzz! Madelyn was so excited to meet Buzz and she did not want to leave. It was the perfect way to end our first day at the Magic Kingdom.

Disney Trip day 1

We had so much fun on our trip to Disney. The drive was long and Madelyn tricked us into stopping and getting her out by saying she had to tee-tee when she didn't (she's very smart) but we made it. We stopped in Lake city to see family and I don't have one single picture to post. Then we were back on the rode and arrived at Disney late Monday night. Pop Pop got us 3 huge suites at Wyndham that were so nice and inside Disney World (that's the best place to stay if going to Disney world) we loved it and it's a great resort. Uncle B was lucky enough to get stuck in our suite. Madelyn loved that Uncle B was staying in our room, I just hope we didn't drive him too crazy. Our first day there was our lazy/recovery from traveling with 3 little girls day. We hung out at the resort all day and played in the pools. They had several walk in pools that Madelyn loved. She had a blast just walking in and out of the pool and splashing with her cousins.
Ready for the pool
Madelyn's new fake smile when we tell her to smile for the camera

She loved the lazy river pool
She loved jumping with Paisley too
and just walking in and out, she was very sassy in her polka dot bikini
sweet cousins

Our view from our suite. Madelyn loved being able to look down to see "her pools". And yes that's my child in her princess dress with her frog rain boots on, no it was not raining. I have learned to choose my battles lately especially when it comes to shoes. We had a great day at the pools and got rested for our first day at the Magic Kingdom.