March 27, 2013

2 months old

 Time is flying by and this sweet boy is already 2 months old. He is so so sweet and growing way too fast. Greyson is a GREAT sleeper at night. He's been going to bed between 10-10:30 and sleeps until 6 or 7. His naps during the day are all over the place and he doesnt like to nap unless he's being held. I've spent a lot of time sitting on the couch with him sleeping on my chest so not a lot has gotten done around the house but I've gotten to cuddle with my sweet boy a ton! Greyson has started smiling and laughing this month and it's just too cute. He has the most adorable smile! He's gowing so fast. He's in size 1 diaper and 3 month clothes already. At his 8 week checkup he weighed 11 pounds 1 ounce and was 22 1/2 inches long which is 50% in both height and weight. He's just perfect!

March 22, 2013


The zoo has a new dinosaur exhibit and since Madelyn is obsessed with dinosaurs right now we took her for the members vip day before it opened to the public. The girl who loves dinosaurs ended up being scared of most the huge moving dinosaurs at the zoo.

 Madelyn was terrified of this dinosaur with the fish in his mouth and she flipped out when we tried to get a picture in front of him.

T-rex was huge
not so scared of this little guy
safe with Grandpa
baby brother was not impressed with the dinosaurs
Madelyn loved these little baby 3-horns. She would have stayed and watched them all day.

Baby brother doesn't get bottles very often so Madelyn was so excited when I let her give him a bottle. She's such a good big sister!