January 19, 2017

Catching up on 2015...

 We rang in the new year still living at grandma and Grandpa's house. Luckily they have a big house and had not kicked us out yet, pretty sure they were thinking about it though. We went to the circus.

 We celebrated Valentine's Day

 We feed the fish with Grandpa daily

We announced that Greyson was going to be a BIG BROTHER
 and Madelyn was going to be a BIG SISTER AGAIN!
Baby Sirmon # 3 due at the end of August!
So we have now lived at Grandma and Grandpa's house for 6 months and I'm now pregnant with baby # 3 with no house in site. We looked and looked and looked for a house. And I was sick as a dog with baby #3. Could not keep anything down, my doctor had me on meds to help with the sickness but they didnt help and he wanted to put a port in my stomach... ummm no thanks, I'll just puke for the rest of the pregnancy and feel like death. And that's exactly what I did- puked and felt like death.

We celebrated St. Patty's Day

 and Easter
 We went to lots of egg hunts, got baby chicks from Mymy, ate lunch with the Easter bunny at the country club, went to church with Mymy and Pop on Easter Sunday, came back to hunt more Easter eggs and Greyson cried because there were way too many girls telling him what to do.

Greyson turns 2!

At 2 Greyson was obsessed with trains. So for his 2nd birthday we had a thomas the train party at Mymy and Pop's house. But not just any old train party this party had train rides because don't all two year olds have trains show up to their birthday parties!?! So spoiled!

I'm TWO!
 We took the birthday boy to the Depot for lunch and to watch trains and then headed to the zoo for the afternoon.

At 2 Greyson is wild and on the move from the moment his little eyes open until the second he crashes. He has a huge vocabulary, loves to make people laugh, keep his mommy on her toes, loves trains and is the sweetest boy ever!

Playing check up...


 We put our house on the market the summer before Madelyn started kindergarten. The house we came home to as newlyweds,the house we brought both our babies home from the hospital from, the house we had so many wonderful memories in. We loved our house and our neighbors and cute neighborhood but not the schools and crime was starting to creep in. We put it on the market thinking we would have plenty of time to find another house. Turns out that someone loved our house as much as we did and it sold in two weeks and we had to be out two weeks after Madelyn started kindergarten!
 My baby started Kindergarten. I cried and then panicked because we had to be out of our house and had no where to go.

 Madelyn started cheerleading that fall and I somehow ended up on the most disfunctional and crazy community athletic association board with one of my mommy friends. Thank God for my friends without her I would have completely lost my mind! Madelyn loved cheering and still gets together with her cheer friends today.

 We sold the house and moved in with Grandma and Grandpa for what was supposed to be a month or two. We didnt want to pull Madelyn out of her school she had already started since we didnt know where we were going to end up moving permanently. So we drove her from my parents house to school and back twice a day.

 Halloween came and we were still at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We went to pumpkin patches, fall festivals and went back to our old neighborhood to trick or treat with Bannie!

 Thanksgiving came and we were still at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We went to fall festivals, Madelyn cheered in playoff games, we played outside in the leaves a lot and pretty sure we were starting to drive my parents a little crazy.

 Christmas came and we were still at mom and dad's house. The house I grew up in, me, my husband, my five year old, 2 year old and our crazy dog- never thought that would have happened. We went to see Santa several times, we did brunch with Santa, we went to a Christmas tree farm to get Mymy and Pop a tree, Spencer lost his wedding ring, we looked for it forever, it was cold, Greyson was screaming and I told Spencer I would just get him a new one. Being the sentimental man he is he wanted to keep looking for it, I wanted to choke him, Thankfully he finally found it, in a tree, he shook the tree and it fell out and it bounced but he watched it bounce and grabbed it- thank God!

 We did Christmas three different times this year. We rode the train to the polar express, had cousin sleepovers and were spoiled rotten.