November 30, 2011

Our little turkey

We had a great Thanksgiving, busy and non stop with one or two meltdowns but great!
sweet little turkey

funny turkey girl

It's that time again

for Christmas cards. I always get stressed out about getting the perfect picture and then finding the perfect Christmas card. Well this year I got excited because my sister sent me a link for free cards from Tiny prints so I filled out the form and have been waiting on my free cards. Well I figured our blog wasn't good enough to get free Christmas cards then I read on a friends blog that you have to blog about the free cards then fill out the form. My only excuse for being stupid and not reading the instructions is that I have a wild 2 1/2 year old!
Over Thanksgiving we tried to get some perfect pictures but let's be honest when you have a two year old you don't get perfect pictures. You get mom and dad looking at the camera while 2 year old looks everywhere else or you get 2 year old looking super cute with daddy but mom has her eyes closed (we had a lot of those- I just can't keep my eyes open for pictures) or you just get some funny pictures.

We could use this one where Madelyn is trying to jump off the deck

Ha! or this one with crazy eyes
I love this one, girlfriend loves to throw some leaves
trying to escape from the photo shoot
Wild child picture!
 Once I figure out which "perfect" picture to use then I have to find the perfect card. Tiny Prints has so many great Christmas cards to choose from this year.

I love this one, I always choose the multi picture cards
We love polka dots around here
 This one just made me laugh out loud. The other day I asked Madelyn what Santa Claus should bring mommy for Christmas and without missing a beat she screamed "a reindeer". Ha! Just what I need.
If Christmas has snuck up on you too and you still havent ordered your Christmas cards then just fill out this form to get your free cards. But don't forget to blog about it first!!!

November 14, 2011

Disney on Ice

or as Madelyn calls it "Mickey and Minnie's house... on ice". We took Madelyn to see Disney on Ice a few weeks ago and she loved it. We got great seats through some friends of ours and we had the best time. Madelyn wore her princess dress/costume that Banner got her for her birthday and had to bring a purse along too.
Our little princess
I think Madelyn clapped and danced almost the entire time

so excited!
Madelyn loved the doggie on ice
the whole gang
still clapping
Mickey and Minnie
When the show was over somebody did not want to leave. She wanted everyone to come back out for another performance. 
That same someone did not want to take a nap once we got home, the princess wanted to play in her playhouse outside.
I'm not sure who had more fun Madelyn or Spencer and I. It was so fun to watch Madelyn and how excited she got about everything.

November 6, 2011

Taking care of O-bug

Otis has not been feeling good so he has finally come back home from Grandma and Grandpa's house so Madelyn and I can take care of him during the day. I was a little nervous that Madelyn would be too rough with him but she has been so sweet with him. I have told her that he is sick and we have to treat him like a tiny baby, which means only mommy can touch him. She has been singing to him, giving him lots of food, coloring pictures for him, getting him babies and telling him "Awww it's OK Otis, you feel better".
She lets me know what Otis is thinking too. She tells me when he needs a treat, needs water or wants to go outside. She also tells me when he does not want to do something. She is very helpful!
Since Otis is so sick Keyser went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a little vacay and he is loving every minute of it!!
In case you don't know Otis' favorite song is B-I-N-G-O, so we have been singing along to it on Madelyn's radio a lot today!!

Coloring with Otis

Happy Halloween

For Halloween Madelyn dressed up like a kitty cat. We live in the perfect neighborhood for Halloween, especially if you have little ones. Madelyn's cousins came to treat or treat with her and Grandma, Grandpa, Mymy, Pop, Uncle B, Aunt Mary, Aunt Angie, Momma Lou and Daddy Bob all came to watch the craziness. All the girls had so much fun and got way too much candy. Our sweet little kitty even made the 9 and 10 pm news that night! And yes she was still bouncing off the walls like a mad woman at 10 pm!
Sweet little kitty!
Sweet cousins
Little kitty and a princess
Daddy and Ky
Little kitty, big kitty and Minnie Mouse looking for the moon
Grandpa and wild kitty!
Mommy cat with her kitten
Our little family
Best buddies!
Our Keyser pumpkin