March 30, 2011

Mommy's new obsession

My new obsession would be this bad boy...
The Hoover Floormate Spinscrub.
I love this machine. It sprays cleaner on the floor while scrubbing with the rotating brushes. After your done scrubbing switch it to dry and it sucks up all that dirty water and grime. Below is a picture of the water after I cleaned my floors. Before you judge just know that I vacuum at least 3 times a week if not more and this picture was taken after I had already "cleaned" my floors with my swifter wetjet. I no longer use my swifter because all it really does is push dirt around. Unless you get down on your hands and knees and scrub your floors with a toothbrush (which I used to do before we had parties or extra special guests) and then vacuum it up with a wet/dry shopvac then your floors are just as nasty as mine.
Yes the water is BLACK! NASTY!! I did not realize my floors were so disgusting. These are the floors that my sweet baby plays on and picks up food off of and then eats it. I can't say how much I love this thing, it's one of the best presents I've ever gotten. My floors not only just look so clean they really are clean and the whole house smells clean. Now if I could just find the time to use it every day I would have the cleanest house in town. It doesn't take long to use but I can't do it when my helper is awake and between being a full time stay at home mom, Realtor(my helper does not like me to look for houses, set things up or talk on the phone, unless she is going to get to talk too- so this too has to be done while miss M is sleeping) and monogramming (can't be done while my sweet helper is awake)  there is just no time to use this super cleaner everyday. This machine has been great and I no longer have to get on my hands and knees to scrub the floors. My floors are now not just clean but really actually clean for the sweet little angel. This sweet little angel who bit me on the forehead yesterday! HA!

March 23, 2011

23 Months

I can not believe that in less than a month my little baby girl will be two years old.
At 23 months Madelyn:
wears mostly 18-24 month clothes and some 2Ts
she wears size 6 shoes
weighs 24 pounds
She changes so much every few days it' amazing. She is turning into a little girl right before my eyes and I wish I could stop time for a bit. She is so fun at this age. She talks to me all day long and we can have conversions now. She says please, thank you, yes ma'am and no ma'am without being reminded. If I ask her a question she will give me an answer. She is very opinionated! She is still so smiley all the time and has the sweetest happiest personality. She loves to wave to everyone she sees and says hi or bye to them. She loves animals so much and thinks she can hug on any animal just like she hugs on Keyser. She loves being outside swinging or going on a walk. Her new thing is to ask me over and over again what someone is doing or where they are.
This morning she asked me over and over again what Keyser was doing. She will also do something and then say "that so funny". She loves mother's day out and music class and loves to go bye bye. Likes to pick out her own clothes and shoes. This morning she was determined to wear her brown fuzzy ugg-like boots(it's over 80 degrees today) with her cute spring outfit not her keds. I finally pulled out some new sandals that were supposed to be a birthday present and she wanted to wear them instead of her boots, thank goodness! She loves to call people on the phone, her favorite people that she asks to call are Grandpa, Grandma, MyMy, Pop, Aunt Sarah (comes out sounding more like aunt arah) daddy and of course Bannie. She doesn't understand why they don't answer the phone in the middle of the day and "they are working" is not a good reason. Madelyn is very strong willed but her sweet free spirited little personality makes up for that. I know that she will grow up to be such a strong amazing person. Now if I can only find a way to freeze time because it's flying by way to quickly.
Wild child

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

My pretty little leprechaun
 This morning I said "Happy St. Patty's Day Madelyn" and she War Eagle Mama! That's my girl, she has team spirit all year long.
 We are dressed in our green and have been playing outside all morning. I love this weather and M does too. She did not want to come inside so we ate lunch outside and then I had to drag her in for her nap, which she was not happy about. She is so worn out. I don't know what it is about playing outside but it really gets her good and tired which is good for me because she should take a long nap and I can get some work done.
Happy St. Patty's Day!!

March 16, 2011

Busy little lady

Madelyn has been so busy lately. She's been outside a lot and is loving the weather. She has been going to birthday parties and playing with her friends.
Miss Hollywod getting ready to go party.
Really mom?! Enough pictures already!
Cade had a firetruck come to his party!
Not to sure at first but then she started driving!
These two were done taking pictures
Cade also had a jump jump at his party! Madelyn made me jump with her at first. Which was a lot of fun!

We went to jump while everyone else was eating cake. Madelyn loved having it all to herself. I did too because I wasn't a nervous wreck worrying about her getting jumped on by a bigger kid.
She loved the slide. Daddy took her back to jump with some of the smaller kids and he said she jumped right in and did the slide all by herself- several times. I can't watch her jump with other kids, it makes me crazy. But Daddy made sure she was safe. I wish we had a jump jump in our backyard, Madelyn and I would jump all day!!
On the ride home Madelyn decided she needed to give Bannerman some love!
We have also loved swinging on the new swing set that Grandpa built just for Madelyn at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She loves to swing and talk about the cold water in the river below.

March 7, 2011

22 Months Old

Madelyn is at such a fun age right now. At 22 months she is:
fully potty trained, wears big panties all the time even at night. We havent had any nighttime accidents in about a month. I'm so proud of her. Her teachers at MDO said she is the youngest potty trained child they have ever had. ( I have to brag, sorry)
her hair is getting so thick
she loves her music class and her teacher Miss Jill. I'm so glad we signed up for this class because I love seeing Madelyn do all the different things we do in music.
she loves her friends at Mother's day out and her teacher
still wants to be outside swinging 24/7
loves clothes, shoes and hairbows
she likes to help mommy clean
loves to lay with Keyser
talks all day long
loves to sing
her favorite thing to do right now is dance. In the car she says Mama dance and I'll turn up the radio and she starts dancing. We can be in the middle of a store and if she hears a song with a good beat she just starts dancing.
she loves to play with her Bannie, she loves to steal his toys and run so he starts yelling. They fight like brother and sister but love each other so much.
she has started to tell Keyser what to do and it's so funny to me. She's such a bossy little sister!
she loves to see babies and wants to touch them
she will come up to Spencer or I and put her arm around us and say "hey buddy"
she hates when her daddy has to go to work, but loves when he gets home
she likes to go on walks and just walk on the sidewalk in the neighborhood, sometimes she has to go on front porches to check things out, she's a little nosey
she doesn't like when other children get upset
she is very stubborn and strong willed
but very loving, she loves to give hugs and kisses and gets upset when people leave
she is so sweet and has such a tender little heart, so it makes up for her stubbornness
I love listening to her talk everyday and see how much she changes day to day.

March 3, 2011


Yesterday while I was getting ready, Madelyn has playing in my closet. She always plays in the closet, pulling all Spencer's ties down and putting them on, putting on scarves, cleaning out drawers for mommy- what everybody does in their closets. Well Madelyn was dressed for our music class but didn't have on her shoes yet, so she picked out some of mommy's shoes.....
that's right she picked out my hot pink high heel shoes and came prancing out of the closet. Of all of the shoes in our closet to pick, she picked out the ones that matched her outfit just perfectly. I was so proud!! She was pretty proud of herself too and no her eyes are not closed, she was just smiling that big!