August 29, 2010

Rainy Day

What do you do when it rains on a Saturday afternoon after you have already been to a morning birthday party and then gone swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's....

You put your tutu on over your sparkly Gulf Shores t-shirt, wear your mardi gras beads, put a big bow on your head and tote your purse around the house. That's what we do.

August 27, 2010

16 Months

Madelyn is 16 months old. She is changing so much each month.
At 16 months old Madelyn...
is on the go all day all
wears size 5 shoes
still wears 12 month clothes (most 18 month clothes are huge)
but wears 18 month sleepers to sleep in
still wears size 3 diapers
says bow bow(hair bow) every morning when she is getting dressed
loves to wear hair bows but loves to take them out too
is talking so much
new words this month are Keyser, thanks, please (sometimes sounds like fleas) ride, milk, shoes, ice cream,more, tutu
loves to wear her tutu and had to wear it to Target the other day
loves that the ice cream man comes Mon, Wed and Friday
wants to be outside all day long
loves other children that are her exact height(she likes to get nose to nose with them and say hi)
is pitching more fits lately
loves to lay on Keyser
loves to chase Keyser with her baby stroller
gives hugs and kisses when asked
got caught on her hands and knees his week drinking out of Keyser's water bowl (gross)
likes to open the kitchen cabinets and pull everything out
eats like a horse but is still skinny
knows what sounds the cow, cat, dog, monkey, lizard, tiger, sheep, duck and lion make
calls cats meow
is starting Mother's day out this month- one day a week from 9:30-1:30
says no to everything you ask her
will go to her first Auburn football game this month (she is very excited)
is still a happy little girl

Madelyn is so busy all day, she does not stop until it's time to go to sleep.At 16 months she is so much fun and so sweet (most the time) We are so lucky to have such a wonderful happy healthy child.

August 20, 2010

Funny Face

Madelyn has always from the day she was born made some of the funniest expressions but this one is one of my favorites. She usually does it when we asked her if she wants to go see someone, hears a loud noise or hears the ice cream man. Every time she does it we about die laughing.Double click on the picture to blow it up, it's too funny to see small.

Sibling Love

Don't get too excited Madelyn does NOT have a sibling on the way but she does have Keyser. She loves Keyser so much and yesterday and today I've been quick enough to get some pictures of her love for her furry brother.

Ready to go for a walk together. Madelyn was not happy because we were taking pictures and not riding.
Using Keyser as a seat
Giving Keyser a hug. (I promise Keyser was not trying to bite her ear off, he is very sweet with her)
Getting sweet kisses from Ky
Keyser says this baby is crazy!
Using Keyser as a pillow
Madelyn loves to sit like this with Keyser or between his paws. This was this morning right after she woke up so that's why she looks zoned out.

I just hope when the time comes(not any time soon) Madelyn loves a real brother or sister as much as she loves Keyser!

August 15, 2010

Me Me Me

Madelyn’s new word is me. She started off a few weeks ago saying mine now she has changed it to me me me. Everything thing is me. She has a new backpack and when she sees it she screams me me me until I put it on her.

dsc_0676  So excited about her new backpack

 dsc_0677She loves wearing it around the house

dsc_0678So proud

dsc_0680 This is the face Madelyn made when Spence asked her if she wanted to go see My-My. It cracks me up.

dsc_0686 Madelyn loves when I open the fridge, she loves to take things out of the door and to just sit inside.



August 8, 2010

Tunnel babies

I found a tunnel on clearance at target a few weeks ago and had to get it. When I first brought it home Madelyn was not very impressed, she did not even want to go through it. But now she loves it.
So excited to be going through the tunnel
Move mama I'm coming through
She loves to roll around in it
Even Keyser likes to go through it

Zoo Fun

Madelyn and I went to the zoo this week with my mom and we had so much fun. It was very hot but Madelyn had so much fun looking at all the animals. She loves going to the zoo. Grandma bought Madelyn a zoo membership and we are so excited about being able to go to the zoo as much as we want! Thanks Grandma!!
Madelyn loved the tiger!

My little monkey would not stay still long enough to get a picture with the monkeys
She loved all the birds!
Riding the train with Grandma
The train put her right out. I love that chunky little face!