June 25, 2013

4 years old

Madelyn is 4 and I can't believe it! I seems like yesterday she was as little as Greyson. At 4 years old Madelyn is 40 inches tall (50%) and 36 lbs (40%).  She wears 4T, 4 and 5T clothes, 9 1/2 or 10 size shoes.
Madelyn is full of energy all day long and hardly ever stops moving. She has a great imagination and loves to play with her dinosaurs, animals and princesses. She loves to be outside swinging, swimming or just playing. Madelyn loves to go on walks around the neighborhood to see new people. She is a great big sister and loves her baby brother. At times she acts like a teenager and can be very sassy and dramatic but she is also very sweet at times. She is still sugar and spice and oh so funny. This girl keeps us laughing constantly. Madelyn likes to do things her way and on her time, she does not like to be rushed. Madelyn is still very happy and smiles all the time (unless she's in trouble), she just loves life and wants everyone else to too.

For Madelyn's 4th birthday party we had a princess party at the house. She wanted to invited most the children in her class at mother's day out with the exception of one little boy. A little back story, the little boy she doesnt like, we will call him "Billy", she really just can't stand him. She loves all other children but she just does not like Billy. She went to church with my parents one Sunday and the plan was for her to sit in "big church" until the rest of the children went to children's church and then she would go with all the other children. Well the children all lined up to go out and guess who was there, Billy so Madelyn had to point him out to Grandpa and said see Grandpa that's Billy he's the mean one. Madelyn then refused to go to children's church because Billy was there. So needless to say Madelyn did not want Billy at her party.  I told her she could invite everyone including Billy or just the girls but we could not invite everyone but Billy. She really had a hard time with this because she wanted all the other boys at her party. She would tell people about her party and how we were going to have a jump jump and she would name her friends that she wanted to come Molly, Avery, Banner, Cade, not Billy, Jordyn, my cousins, Tanner, and all the other friends in her class. She would tell anybody that would listen about her party and she would always say and not Billy. So in the end she decided  to just invite the girls in her class since it was a princess party anyways. She started saying the only people invited to my party are girls, Grandpa and grown ups and of course she invited her best neighborhood friends Banner and Cade.
So we got a princess jump jump for the weekend, had a princess cake, princess dress clothes, makeup, nail polish, bubbles and everyone had a great time. Madelyn was so excited to have so many sweet friends and family at her birthday party.
Princess jump jump
4 years old
little princess
little prince with Aunt Sarah 
Princesses and super heroes

more presents
Madelyn had lots of help

 We ended the day by going to Madelyn's favorite place for dinner- Mexico!

saying bye to her jump jump

this girl loves her jump jumps

Random pictures

Last day of mother's day out 2013
Sleepy Greyson and Grandpa
loving his bumbo
so does sister

4 months old

At 4 months old Greyson is happy happy happy and so so sweet. Greyson smiles at everyone he meets and is such a little flirt. He loves his big sister more each day, he's just amazed by her. When he does get upset Madelyn is the best at getting him to calm right down. He's rolling over now and gets mad when he ends up on his stomach. Greyson is still a great sleeper at night. He went about a week and didn't sleep very good at night but I think that was a growth spurt because he wanted to eat all night. He's now back to sleeping from about 10pm to 6 or 7 a.m. He's been drooling like crazy and his teeth that wont pop through are driving him crazy. He's been grabbing anything he can reach and gnawing on it. At his 4 month checkup he weighed 14 lbs and 10 oz (40%) and was 26.3 inches long (90%), long and thin. He's so big now, I can't get over how fast he is growing. He nurses every 2 hours now except at night. He's wearing 6 month clothes now and size 2 diaper. We recently started using cloth diapers and I'm loving it so far, now we just have to get daddy on board.