June 29, 2011

We are so Patriotic....

at the Sirmon house and ready for the 4th of July.
4th of July wreath I made
Before revisions
After revisions
I added some star sparkle to the top of the wreath and found some larger flags. At our house the bigger the flag the better! Madelyn is playing with Grandma today so that's why Keyser is in the pictures instead of sassy.
Keyser is so ready for Madelyn to come home so I will quit making him dress up and pose from pictures!
I have gotten so much done today and yesterday without my sweet little helper here but I sure do miss hearing that sweet little voice asking "what you doing mama? why mama?".

June 15, 2011

Park Fun

We decided to purchase season tickets to Alabama Adventure and I'm so glad we did. It's so close to the house and Madelyn loves it. Every morning when I get her out of bed she says "we go to the water park mommy?". During the week it's not crowded in the morning and it's mostly stay at home moms in the kiddie area.
Madelyn showing Dora how to pose for the camera
Most mornings we go to the water park and stay until 1:30 or 2 and then we ride one or two rides and head home for nap time. We've also gone in the late afternoon to just do rides when it's not so hot. Madelyn loves doing both. She loves playing in the water, going around the lazy river, climbing up tubes and going down the slides. This child has no fear, she will go down the slide just like the big kids (9 or 10 year olds). She stands up for herself too. The first day she was climbing up the tube to go down the slide and some bigger kids were trying to push and go around her and making her nervous so I stepped in and told them that they needed to slow down, wait and not climb over the little ones. Well ever since then if a bigger kid tries to rush her she turns around and says " we need to get back and wait!", oh my goodness it's so funny to see the bigger kids faces when this little baby tells them to get back and wait. Then another day we were going down the big slides and I told Madelyn we had to wait and take turns and not break in line she said OK. I thought what a sweet girl she listens to what I tell her and takes turns. Well after me going with her a couple more times she just wanted me to stand at the bottom and catch her. So I watched her climb up the stairs and she was standing behind Cade (one of her cute little friends) then Sharon (Cade's mama) came up to help Cade get situated on the slide and what does my child do- puts her arm up and says "get back don't break in line" to Sharon! I don't know what I'm going to do with her, at least she tries to follow the rules and wants everyone else, even the mamas to follow the same rules!
Riding the train choo choo!

Airplanes with Bannie

She was so serious while driving the jeeps!
Her two favorite rides are the merry go round or as Madelyn calls it the horsey ride and the race car ride. The race call ride goes around in a circle and then at the corners it flings you around. Madelyn loves it and puts her hands up in the air when it goes around the corners- too funny!
Holding hands with Bannie- they are like a old married couple

Look Babe Look!
Madelyn loves to get an icee when we leave and loves that her best buddy(future husband) Bannie goes too! We have had so much fun going, we even got Spencer a pass so he can go on the weekends with us. Madelyn was so excited to take her daddy to the water park this past weekend. We had a great time going as a family together and it was nice to have another set of eyes/hands to help with our wild child!

June 13, 2011

Daddy's Girl

This little sweetheart is such a daddy's girl, it's not even funny anymore.
She loves her daddy so much. In the morning when he leaves to go work she runs after him saying "Daddy I come work with you!" She gets upset when he leaves and squeals when she hears him coming in the backdoor. She loves to tell her daddy everything we do during the day but she's usually so excited and talking so fast he has no clue what she is saying. She misses daddy so much during the day and when he's out of town but as soon as she sees him her little face lights up and it's just too sweet. Madelyn and I have been going to the water park all week and she's been wanting daddy to go so today we went to the water park so Madelyn could take her daddy. She had so much fun showing her daddy how she climbs up the tubes to slide down the slides, goes on the big water slide (big slide in the kiddie part) all by herself and she showed him the wave pool and swam like a little fish. Madelyn had so much fun taking her daddy to the water park today. I'm sure she will be a little disappointed when she realizes he can't go with us tomorrow but she will still have fun with good ole mommy.
Also this weekend we had girl's movie night and when I was leaving Madelyn started crying for me and didn't want me to go. It broke my heart but kinda made me happy because she has never and I mean NEVER cared before when I leave but has complete meltdowns when Spence leaves. I hated to see her upset but it's nice to know that she wanted me there. Maybe she will be a mama's girl one day!!

June 6, 2011

Slip n slide fun

I bought Madelyn a cheap little slip n slide the other day because it was only $6 and I thought if she doesnt like it I'm only out 6 bucks. Well she loved it!
Testing it out first

She loved when Spencer would push her down it

Happy Girl

Jump Bannie
Madelyn and Banner played on it all afternoon. Banner loved running through it and Madelyn just wanted somebody to push her down it. Madelyn was freezing, purple lips and all but did not want me to turn the water off. She had so much fun. We took it over to my parents house the next day and she hated it. What am I going to do with this girl?

June 4, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese, cousins and chocolate fudge bars

Madelyn and I went to Chuck E. Cheese with Mymy, Aubry and Paisley and we had a blast. The girls were so funny to watch because there were some many things they wanted to do. Madelyn's favorites were the skee ball game that she insisted on throwing the balls over handed and then climbed up the lane. She liked the ducky game, bop game and riding the horsey. Madelyn loved dancing and singing with Chuck E. Cheese, her cousins and Mymy.
Ready to go see Chuck E. Cheese
Dancing with Chuck E.
Yay! Chuck E. is back
Time to dance again!
After Chuck E. Cheese we went to take naps and then Madelyn and I went to show a house and then went to Mymy and Pop's house for more cousin fun. Somehow all four of the girls ended up in their diapers/ underwear after dinner. I might be to blame because I did take M's top off so she didn't get dinner all over it and then the strip down began. They were chasing each other around the house just squealing.  Then somebody said ice cream (probably Madelyn because she thinks she needs ice cream all day long) and everyone got a chocolate fudge bar. The girls loved them and they had it every where!
 All four of them were sticky from head to toe so we threw them all in the shower together. What a sight to see. They were dumping water on each other and having the best time.
So much fun!
I think these little girls are going to get in quite a bit of trouble together growing up and be the best of friends because they really love each other. Madelyn asks what Aubry, Paisley and Bailey are doing daily along with everyone else in the family.

June 2, 2011

Water fun with Kyser

It has been so hot lately so I decided to pull out the little blowup pool that Madelyn used as a ball pit in the winter and fill it with water. Madelyn had so much fun playing in her little pool. She played a long time and then she said she had to go tee tee and we ran inside. When we came back out Keyser was in her pool and he had ripped it to shreds!
So much fun!
After we couldn't play in the pool anymore (thanks Keyser) we got the sprinkler out. I'm not sure who had more fun Madelyn or Keyser. Madelyn ran threw in some but that it was so funny that Keyser was attacking the water.
Crazy dog
Madelyn was laughing non stop.
Since it's only going to get hotter I guess we are going to get another pool maybe two one for Madelyn and one for Keyser.