July 25, 2012

Big news....

We are so excited that Madelyn is going to be a big sister. I know that she will be such a great big sister and be such a help to us. The new baby is due Jan. 19th 2013.

July 16, 2012

The 4th

For the 4th of July we went to The Club for a great firework show, good food, fun and music. Madelyn had a blast. They had all kinds of kids stuff set up. Madelyn got a rattoo (aka tattoo) played in a jump jump, took a train ride, played golf and danced the night away.
future golf pro 
Madelyn and Grandpa
checking out the little fireworks below
loving on Mymy
best seat in the place
great fireworks- Madelyn was so impressed
dancing Queen- this girl loves to dance
she started dancing the moment we got there
parade time
still dancing she didn't stop until the band did

Star lake

Feeding the ducks at Star lake
 Madelyn and Banner loved feeding all the ducks and turtles. There was a man and his son there fishing and they would catch fish and then let Madelyn and Banner throw their fish back for them. They were so proud to be throwing the fish back.

Madelyn's fishy

July 8, 2012


 We have been having so much fun this summer. We had our last kindermusik class in May and Madelyn has really missed Miss Jill and all her friends.

We went to visit Grandpa at work one day and got to play in some of his big trucks.
Driving the big truck
Madelyn loved blowing the horns on the trucks
sleeper truck- night night
 We have been using our Mcwane center membership to keep us out of the heat.
swinging monkey
expert rock wall climber
Dora and Boots at Mcwane- we love Dora and Deigo!
Diego and Baby Jag were there too
we've been taking care of Otis too!
We took our cousins to the Mcwane center one day
All the cousins playing at chick-fil-a
 We have been spending at least two days a week at the water park. It's Madelyn's favorite place to go and she has so much fun.
Dora and Deigo even love the water park

Madelyn loves Dora!