October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch...

with the cousins.
Last weekend Madelyn took mommy, daddy, Mymy, Aubry and Paisley to the pumpkin patch near our house. It was so fun, so much fun that Spencer missed the first half of the Auburn game just so we could stay longer (we did record it though). What a sweet daddy she has! Madelyn loved the lake that was at the pumpkin patch. She would have been happy to just go play down by the lake.

Chessy girls waiting for the train
loving the train ride
and the hay ride

and the maze
my favorite girl in the world
They had baby goats and Madelyn fell in love with them

She wanted to take this one home
sweet cousins
Our little pumpkin

finding the perfect pumpkin with daddy
and they had jump jumps too! We did these last and Madelyn was ticked off when I had to pulled her out of the jump jump to leave. This girl would jump all day if we let her.
 We love fall and pumpkin patches!!

October 14, 2011

Our own little zoo

I took Madelyn and Bannie to the zoo by myself and according to Banner we had a WILD time!
Silly kids
Who loves the zoo? Madelyn does!!
Taking a good picture of a 2 year old and a 3 year old= impossible
Madelyn and Ky in their matching Halloween flair

Madelyn insisted on holding onto Kyser's collar for the pictures
Kyser took off running towards me dragging Madelyn right along with him and then they both tackled me!
 This sweet little witch is getting so big. She talks non stop all day long and says some of the funniest things. I wish I could remember all the funny stuff she says, I need to start writing it down as soon as she says it.
The other night Madelyn was on the phone with Grandpa and he asked her if she had found a hotel for Otis to stay at (my parents are taking Otis on a road trip and needed a pet friendly hotel) with out missing a beat Madelyn says "I don't drink hotel water!" I busted out laughing and said what did you say and Madelyn said " I do not drink hotel water, it makes me sick!". What? I have no clue where that came from but it was so funny the way she said it in her sassy little voice. Looks like me are going to have quite the little diva.

Last night Madelyn was playing with her babies and Spencer kept asking her a question and she would not answer him. Spencer asked her again and again and Madelyn finally responded with "I'm Busy!" It was so funny! She is very busy these days.

On the way home from mother's day out today Madelyn and I were talking in the car and she said Mrs. April (her teacher) is coming to my house on Saturday.
me- Oh really does she know she is coming to your house
Madelyn- yesssssss- she's coming on Saturday mommy
me- well what are you going to do when she comes to your house on Saturday?
Madelyn- Mrs. April coming to my house to play and you need to go work mommy!
Ha! I guess being a stay at home mommy to a sassy little 2 year old, being a realtor and trying to get a monogramming/clothing business up and running isn't considered work. Oh the things this child tells me!  

October 5, 2011

We say War Eagle...

We took Madelyn to another Auburn game and she had a blast. One of our friends from high school gave us their faculty tickets so we got to sit on the first row. We were right in the middle of all the action, just where Madelyn likes to be! We got to see two of the eagles up close and Aubie came around a few times too!
When we first got to Auburn we went to see Mr. and Mrs. P. Madelyn loves them just like the rest of us kids! Since both of Madelyn's grandmothers are Alabama fans, Mrs. P steps in as her Auburn grandma and Madelyn just eats it up.
 Then it was time to head towards the stadium but before we could go in we had to dance to all the music and the band. This girl loves to just walk around and see all the people and dance!
 Watching the pre game show!
Daddy and his little tiger!

Madelyn says "go boys go!"
I love this beautiful face!
Family picture time
 Yes I know I look exhausted in the picture above and that's because I was. When we were walking up the stairs to leave the game, Spencer asked me how all the people that we passed knew Madelyn. Ha! That's because we walked up and down the stairs about a million times. We had to get hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream, drinks and took a lot of potty breaks.  But we didn't just walk up and down like normal people oh no Madelyn had to put on a show every time we went up and every time we went down. She made lots of friends, high fiving everyone, stopping in the middle of the stairs to dance, cheer, jump around, tell random people things (like "you have something on your shoe" or "i want some of your popcorn") or just to say "war eagle hey!". Oh this child wears me out at football games but I love to take her and just watch how much fun she has.
 After Auburn won we walked, ran some, jumped and hopped our way to Tomer's corner to let Madelyn participate in rolling the trees, and boy did she have fun!
Watch out mommy I'm throwing my whole roll!
 Madelyn had so much fun throwing toilet paper in the trees and boy can this girl can throw. Grandpa won't have to worry about her throwing like a girl!!!
So FUN!!
Spencer was so happy to be able to show Madelyn this great school tradition.

October 3, 2011

We're fun...

We have been swinging daily, Madelyn is still obsessed with swinging
We took Grandpa to the zoo
to see the new lion cubs
we have been playing in the rain
washing ky and mommy's car
getting ready for Halloween
and we have been sewing like crazy!!!
and our kitty cat has been spending his evenings outside but he comes in when daddy goes to bed. And I don't know when my baby turned into this cute little girl above!!