July 27, 2010

Gulf Shores Beach Trip

We just got back from a great weekend trip to Gulf Shores. Madelyn had so much fun. We went to the beach and the beach and water was so clear but there was a double red flag so we couldn't get in the water. It was too hot to be on the beach and not get in the water so we only stayed on the beach for about 30 minutes. The rest of the trip we went to the Gulf Coast Zoo (they had a show on the Animal Planet called The little zoo that could, it was really a nice little zoo) played at the pool, went shopping and just enjoyed being away for a few days.

 DSC02558  SunbathingRiding the ferris wheel at the Wharf

DSC02586 Checking everything out from up high

Trying a lemon for the first time. She whined and whined for the lemon so we finally gave it to her and she looked like she was having a seizure. Then she wanted another one!

At the zoo with My-My and Pop

Checking out the tiger with daddy

dsc_05181 of only 90 Bengal tigers left in the world. They had three!

dsc_0522     Ready to go shopping

Taking a break from shopping to ride a horse.

Having a snack with daddyFeeding the seagulls- this girl loves birds

Taking a stroll with mom and dad

Heading home. Notice all the goldfish that didn't make it to her mouth. She sure can make a mess!

July 20, 2010

15 Months Old

At 15 Months old Madelyn is
such a little ham
loves to put on a show
loves being the center of attention
is keeping her mommy busy
has figured out how to open unlocked doors
tries to go up the stairs by herself if the gate is left open
loves to pull everything out of the cabinets
finally starting to walk by herself
wants to be outside all day long
still wearing size 3 diaper
12 month clothes
4 wide shoes
her hair has started to thicken up
loves to go places and walk
says rog (frog) when she wants her sleepy frog or sees a frog
thinks anything with four legs (horse, rhino, zebra) is a dog
loves to push her box of important stuff around the house and collect things
is a very good eater
likes any kind of fruit, her favorite right now is peaches
weighs 21 lbs (25%)
is 31 inches tall (75%)
loves to throw things on the ground and say uh oh
loves to feed Keyser
gives Keyser hugs and kisses
loves to be with her grandparents ( they don't spoil her at all. haha)
misses her daddy during the day
likes to open and shut doors
likes to put things in containers and take them back out
loves water
will stomp her feet when she's mad
does not like people in her face
can be very dramatic at times
gives the best hugs ever
is the sweetest thing!

July 18, 2010

Field Trip and baby shower

Madelyn went on a field trip with Grandma, Grandpa and Papa to an airplane museum and she had so much fun. It was a nice little break for me too. I got some errands run and some monogramming done.

DSC02538 Grandma, Papa and Madelyn

Future pilot?

DSC02543 Flying with Grandpa

On Saturday we went to a baby shower for our new cousin Bailey. We cant wait for her to come home.

dsc_0429 Raleigh helping open Bailey’s presents

dsc_0424 Reading with Ashydsc_0427So happy!

July 14, 2010

So busy

Madelyn has been so busy lately….

  Looking out the window with Otis

Otis is so funny!

Modeling her first brazilian bikini, not so sure about showing so much skin.

Let me out!

Surfing in grandma and grandpa’s pool

Taking daddy swimming

dsc_0405Playing with hippo and a box Trying to climb on top of the box. She’s been climbing on everything lately.

Went to the zoo with our neighbors

giving Keyser her paci. She loves to share everything with Keyser then she takes everything right back.

July 6, 2010

Will walk for marshmallows

I gave Madelyn a mini marshmallow yesterday and she loved it. Then I put one across the room and told her to walk to it and she walked all the way across the room to get it. We have been practicing with marshmallows for two days now and she's doing so good. So she will walk if she really wants something but still prefers to crawl.

She was so proud of herself