August 8, 2012

It's a ......

It's a boy!!

We are so excited to have a sweet baby boy on the way. I'm still a little shocked that it's a boy but could not be happier. We had a ultrasound yesterday at 16 weeks and were thrilled to be able to find out what we're having. We had a little gender reveal party last night at Mymy and Pop's house and decided to go ahead and tell Madelyn she was getting a sibling. We hadn't told her before last night just because she asks so many questions and that would make for a long nine months. Now I only have five more months of questions. She is so excited to have a baby brother on the way, she hasn't stopped talking about it. When we asked her if she wanted a baby brother or sister she said sister but that quickly changed once she found out she was getting a brother. She had lots of questions, like where he was, how he got in my belly, how she could get him out, she even yelled at my belly "come out baby brother".  She also told me to open my mouth so she could get him out. Ha!
Big sister
so excited!!
blue balloons
it's a boy
big sister just had to play in the box
 Madelyn had so much fun at our little party and already loves baby brother so much. She cried last night and then again today after she woke up from her nap because she just wants her baby brother to come now!! Trying to explain to an upset three year old why we have to wait a few more months for baby brother is not an easy task but I think for now she understands- hopefully.