July 7, 2011

2 going on 16

Madelyn has been sleeping paci free for 3 days now! She threw her paci away so the babies that need it could have it. For that she got to go to Toys r us to pick out a new baby doll. We were looking at all the babies and then she got a little distracted by the cars. Oh how she loves cars. I really want to get her one but we are waiting until Christmas to get her one because they are expensive. I have already started saving money for one so we can just pay cash for it and be done. Madelyn got in every car/motorcycle that was on the bottom shelves at toys r us and every time she tried to drive one she would look at us and she "this one is broken too" so she would get out and go to the next one. She was so funny! 
Testing out the mustang, doesn't she look so cute behind the wheel!
Giving the Cadillac Escalade a try. She really liked this luxury suv. This is what mommy wants but in the big girl size. HA!
Madelyn climbed on the hood of the police car to get in and climbed over the door (without her hair bow might I add) to get out. I told her that better be the last time she climbs on the hood of a police car and the last time she ever climbs out of a police car! Oh this child is so WILD!
We finally picked out her new baby and some bottles for her. Madelyn loves her baby Ella so much. She will not let baby Ella sleep in her bed though. She doesn't care where baby Ella sleeps as long as she does not sleep in Madelyn's bed with Rog the frog! She is so funny about things!

Happy 4th of July

What a great weekend!
We went to Grandpa and Grandma's house to swim, take Keyser to the river and play and we took Bannie, Mr. Jud and Mrs. Shannon with us.
Madelyn and Banner loved the river. Madelyn did not like the river rocks in her shoes though. I think Keyser had the most fun at the river, he swam until he couldn't swim anyone.

 Bannie brought his bulldozer and jeep over to play. Madelyn wanted to drive the bulldozer the whole time!
That's true love there, letting your girl drive your bulldozer!
 We had several disagreements over the new dog door. 
 We met Grandma, Grandpa and Papa to watch the fireworks
Banner was jumping with excitement the whole time!
 How sweet is this little face!

 These two little firecrackers love each other so much!
What a great way to end a great holiday! Sweet Love!!